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About Just Give Me An Example

Users of this website are probably one of the following people:

You have found out a great way to perform a task and want to share it with the world and your future self.

found out something great

You want to perform a task and need an example how to do this. You are in a hurry and have no time to waste!

found out something great

Skip opinions and ads

What you don't want is endless discussions about parentheses and code indentation, people who tell you that your question is already answered in another thread or just point to the documentation. If you had time to read the documentation, you would have done that, right? You just want an example!

You are also probably not looking for ads, newsletter overlays and cookie warnings. You came to the right IP-address. Here you get that code you wanted!

How is this different from stackoverflow.com?

We're a big fan of stackoverflow.com. They have a Q&A model that allows to start with a question that leads to a conversation regarding the solution. There is no doubt that Stack Overflow has changed the way we all develop and if you like to engage in discussion or follow the train of thought, it is a fantastic resource. But sometimes you are just trying out some things and you are just interested in a piece of code where details are not important yet.


The code snippets on this site are valued by asking one simple question: Would you recommend this code example to your colleagues? That's all we want to know.

In the end... code always wins.

What's next?

You can help us a great deal by adding code examples to the database.